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The Eve of Book 2 release...

So, I find myself in a place I never thought I would be... a published author.

The learning curve for this has been pretty steep and I've stumbled more times than I care to admit. The biggest thing I had to learn was Marketing. It's basically the art of selling myself so people will pay any attention to the book. Then, I have to get them to read the book, and hope they like it enough to tell a friend or two. This has been, by far much more difficult for me than writing the actual books!.

I am not the type to self-promote... most attempts have felt awkward and way too much like bragging. There is a fine line somewhere here, between shining a light on my work and sounding like a braggart, and I feel like I keep tripping on it.

Now, that being said... on to book 2, "Drawing the Line." Having taken the lessons I learned from writing Book 1, the process of the sequel was faster and smoother. See? I can be taught.

"Drawing the Line" was a lot of fun to write. I amped up the action, the betrayals and the intensity. People who ave read the advance copies have found new things to be mad at me for, (semi-spoiler alert) not just the what happened to Thirax,

Now, a final bit of housekeeping... I've been very busy lately with family and career things, as well as writing book 3 (and possibly a different series) that I haven't checked my own site lately. For some reason, the emails did not link to my personal email the way it should have. So, for anyone who wrote to me on this site, I apologize and I will get back to you as soon as i can.

Until the next blog or book, stay safe out there and keep reading!

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