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So, no one lives in a vacuum. We all have people around us, whether we realize it or not, that do what they can to help us out. And I think most people, given the choice, will help out others. I bring this up because I know I would not be here, taking a break from writing book 3 and blogging, without the help of a lot of people.

My wife and I were very good friends for several years before we got married. Knowing each other as well as we did and still wanting to date each other says a lot. I knew what a great person she is and all the reasons I fell in love with her. For her part, I have to assume temporary insanity that has not gone away yet, or just continued bad judgement on her part. Either way, she has been a huge source of love, support and encouragement.

Then there are family and friends. My two brothers, Mike and Rob, my sister Kel and my Dad, who were incredibly encouraging throughout the first very rough drafts. Good friends like Dooley, Pez, Ray, Brandon and Bryan who suffered through the early manuscripts and still found was to help me along, despite the steaming pile of crap I asked them to read and critique.

Along the way, there were a few editors or publishers that offered little gems of advice or flat out told me what was wrong with my writing. And then finally came Aethon books who decided to take a chance on a new writer. Their enthusiasm for the series coupled with the amazing editing of Ilse Davison, got me were I am today: eagerly anticipating the release of my first book.

Thank you all.

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